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Commonly Asked Questions

1. How are your installations done?
We use only the highest quality shop supplies and tools to perform the service work on your vehicle. Every remote start system starts its life on our bench being prepped for your very unique vehicle. up to 50 percent of the wiring fitment is done on the bench to ensure that each system looks as " factory" as possible. At Method Acoustics you will never see any cheap wiring techniques to ensure integrity of the install we will use a organic core solder with a variable temp ESD safe soldering iron heat shrink and 3M's superior super 33+ temflex tape on all of our connections.

2. Will a remote start system void my Vehicles manufactures warranty?

The addition of a remote start system will not void your new vehicle's warranty. Many people misunderstand this. The Canadian consumer protection act basically states that even if you installed an aftermarket product yourself. The vehicle dealer or manufacturer would have to prove in a court of law that the aftermarket product had a direct impact on whatever part or parts that you wanted changed under warranty before they could void that portion of the warranty. A properly installed remote start system won't have any negative effects on your vehicle, or your warranty.

3. How is price determined?
When you call our shop we will ask you the fewest non confusing questions possible, including; make, model and year of vehicle. Does it have power locks, or any other convenience features? Next we don't do "up selling" we never quote for "basic" installations to get you in the door that would never apply to any of the cars today, we believe that if your car has it, and the remote start system does it, then you get it! We also don't believe in over inflated rates, some shops will charge 6 plus hours for a job that doesn't take more then 2, and our rates never change throughout the season! You don't have to worry your quote is safe with us.

4. My remote does not work. What do I do?
Does your vehicle respond to your remote at all? If yes, does it lock and unlock the doors? If yes then your system is in valet mode. Either tap buttons I and III or Lock and Trunk simultaneously on your remote. If no, have you tried reprogramming your remote outlined in the user's manual? If either option does not resolve your problem bring it in and we'll have a look at it.

5. My vehicle does not remote start. What do I do?
Does your vehicle respond to your remote? If yes, what commands does it respond to? If no, does reprogramming your remote work? If your remote responds to your system and does not remote start it may be possible your bypass module or installation needs to be checked. 

6. How many remotes can I program to my CompuStar system?
You can program up to 3 remotes with any Alarm, Alarm/Starter, and Starter system with the exception of the 2WSSR. The 2WSSR will only work with another remote (1WSSR) with the Alarm/Starter Combo system. All current systems will take up to 3 remotes.

7. My 2-Way remote flashes "Hold"; on the LCD when I press any button. What causes that?
Your remote has a button lock feature. If you hold button 4 down for 2.5 seconds that will engage or disengage that feature.

8. I have a manual transmission. How do I set my vehicle up to remote start?
You have to set manual transmission reservation mode. Reservation mode involves leaving your gear in neutral. You must set your e-brake and a few seconds later remove the vehicle's key from the ignition. Your vehicle will remain running until you exit your vehicle and close all doors. The motor will shut down and your remote will receive a page back (2-Way remote) and lock and arm the system.


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