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XPEL Ultimate Paint Protection

Ultimate Paint Protection by XPEL is an industry leading material that provides you with the ultimate in self-healing paint protection for your new or used vehicle.

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XPEL Paint Protection Features

  • Self-Healing clear coat 
  • Anti-Staining
  • Anti-Yellowing
  • Anti-Hazing
  • No UV Filter, this allows the paint to fade uniformly across the entire vehicle
  • Next to invisible
  • Helps to hide minor existing paint defects, swirls and scratches
  • Great for protecting headlights and fog-lights
  • Lifetime parts and labor warranty
  • Click Here for the Technical Data on XPEL Ultimate

Paint Protection Installation Procedure

  • Vehicle is completely cleaned and degreased
  • The paint surface is cleaned with an automotive clay-bar that removes trapped particles and rail dust
  • If the material is being applied to a used car, the customer may provide a dealership paint match pen and our technicians will fill in all major paint chips free-of-charge
  • The edges where the material will be wrapped are cleaned with rubbing alcohol. This ensures the material will not peel back after installation
  • After installation, the material is cleaned and polished with Duraglaze which extends the life of the material
  • Each customer may purchase a care package that includes Duraglaze polish and application/removal pads

Limited Warranty

Method Acoustics offers a lifetime parts and labor warranty against improper installation as well as staining, yellowing, cracking and hazing.

Physical damages from misuse, improper care, collisions, rocks or debris and pressure washers are not covered by the limited warranty. The Method Acoustics lifetime limited warranty is non-transferable.

The representation of performance and suitability for use contained in this information are meant only as a guide. Since only the user is aware of the specific conditions in which the product will be used, it is the user's responsibility to determine whether the product is suitable for the users intent.