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Heated Seats

We are proud to install ComfortHeat® Automotive Carbon Fibre Seat Heaters by Rostra. In our cold climate, the added comfort of heated seats is extra soothing, providing fast-heating warmth in less than a minute.


Rostra ComfortHeat® Features

  • Works with cloth or leather vehicle seats
  • Virtually universal*
  • Heating pads include carbon-fibre mesh weave
  • Rapid heat-up time
  • Continuous temperature monitoring prevents overheating
  • Lifetime parts and labor warranty
  • Click Here for the Technical Data on Rostra ComfortHeat®


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What temperatures can I expect from the heating pads supplied with my ComfortHeat® seat heating pads?

A: The heating pad temperature experienced by drivers and passengers depends largely upon the exterior seat covering installed on a vehicle. In general, Rostra's ComfortHeat® pads heat up to 33°C on the "low" setting, and 53°C on the "high" setting.

Q: Can a ComfortHeat® seat heating system be used in a vehicle that is operated or transporting an individual with reduced sensitivity to hot an/or cold temperatures.
A: ComfortHeat® systems are not recommended for use in seats transporting persons with reduced temperature sensitivity. This includes individuals with partial or full loss of sensitivity including paraplegics, children, and the elderly.

Q: My passenger seat includes an occupancy detection sensor to automatically arm the airbag system when I am driving with a passenger. Are there any concerns with this operating when adding a ComfortHeat® system?
A: Because of the way modern occupancy detection sensors work, we recommend not using a heating pad on the bottom portion of the seat. Instead, using only a lumbar heating pad is recommended for providing the passenger with extra heat. 


The Rostra ComfortHeat® seat heating system comes with a 3 year/60,000 km warranty. 

This unit cannot be installed on vehicles if the fabric is bonded (stitched or glued) to the seat foam, or if the fabric is held in place in the middle of the cushion with metal rings or metal rods. A Method Acoustics technician will professionally inspect the construction of your seat to determine whether or not one can be installed.